JOULUKALENTERI – Matkapäiväkirja / Tallinna 2

17.12.2010 - 23:31 / sdall.

1) I woke up at 8am happy as a…something. “It’s a wonderful day!” 2) A slight breeze. Not too hot. “It really is a wonderful day!” 3) “Such a wonderful day. Way too wonderful.” 4) “…something’s bound to go wrong”

I’m supposed to paint a wall to Seltsimaja’s children’s room. It’s not very suitable to its purpose right now.

..mä maalasin sitä kyllä jonkin verran, mutten koskaan saanut sitä valmiiksi asti.

1) There are people coming and going all the time. On Thursday there were two frenchmen, one Japanese guy and me. 2) People started really pouring in on Friday

(Mun matkapäiviksessä on aika paljon tollasia kohtia joihin on pitänyt piirtää jotain mutten
koskaan oo saanut niitä valmiiksi :D Oh well.)

Sit viel tää.

1) We were playing this weird-ass game. 3) Every time we figured out a part of the rules some ever weirder ones were applied.


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