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* JOULUKALENTERI – Näitä levyjä odotan enemmän kuin joulua

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1) I was supposed to prepare this epic ending for this christmas calendar but since I’m a bit BLIBLOP right now I thought I’d go easy on myself. 2) First of all I have to say that I’m sometimes a bit bad at waiting

1) Most of the times I forget though “Today!” 2) But a good example about my true patience is this “…what?” “I have a Christmas present for you” “Oh?” 2) “Can I give it to you now I can’t wait anymore please?” “You know it’s three weeks ’til Christmas, right?” ..and I didn’t wait.

1) So now I’m going to make a list of THINGS I LOOK FORWARD TO “eagerly!” 2) 1. Music. I went to a gig of my favourite band Beirut last summer. I pretty much looked like _this_ the whole time. “But it’s unlikely Beirut’s gonna release any new records any time soon” 3) Instead Adele, Lykke Li and Patrick Wolf have a record out any time soon! (clap clap)

1) The first encounter with Adele was Chasing Pavement’s music video “I fell in love immediately. With the video and with the singer.” “In a way it’s easily relatable. Beautiful” And I never stopped listening to the album “19” 2) “Her second album “21” is out in January!” “The single ‘Rollin’ in the Deep’ is pretty awesome”

1) Lykke Li, on the other hand, was a totally random musical encounter. “I guess I bumped into it when….. Was I looking something and… Or did someone recommend it to me or…” ANYWAY 2) I’ve always described her music as “cute. tender. soulful. little” 3) But the new ‘Get Some’-single would be described better as “Oh” and “That’s attitude”

Jos ette oo kuunnellu Lykke Litä ja luulette et voisitte tykätä,  esikoislevy Youth Novels kannattaa kuunnella alusta loppun järjestyksessä. Se on pirun hieno levykokonaisuus.

Odotan kyllä paljon tolta seuraavalta plätyltä! :D

1) Patrick Wolf, as well as Beirut, was introduced to me by my friend Silja. Patrick’s got a new single out. 2) So what I mean is “*fangirling sounds*”. And that’s all I have to say about that.

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Heinäkuu 2009, Wanha Jammula, Oulu (July 2009, Ye Olde Jammu-land, Oulu)

1) We were supposed to go to a bar “I suppose we could get drunk” “Yep”. 2) “I don’t know, I might be a bit too tired to go” “Me too”. 3) “I’m fine with staying here and watchin Star Wars if you are.” “Let’s just listen to some good music” 4) SOON: “Wow, I feel so energized!” “I’m up for going out!” 5)”Wonder if the music had anything to do with it..” “I don’t know but START WEARING PURPLE FOR ME NOOOW”.

Alain Johannes, DeVotchKa ja GOGOL BORDELLO soittaa Kulttuuritalolla!!
Se, joka keksii paremman tavan viettää itsenäisyyspäivää kertokoot sen minulle,
jotta voin tyrmätä sen mahdollisimman pitkällä capslockin ja välimerkittömyyden
riemuvoittoviestillä. TARANTARANTATAAA!

// I’m going to see Gogol Bordello (warmed up by Alain Johannes and DeVotchKa) to Helsinki. HYPE!

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1) I had a dream. “Hey Salla” 2) “THE DOCTOR! I–” “I have some bad news for you”. 3) “I just got this from your school”. 4) “Apparently you never graduated from upper secondary” 5) “So you can’t start Uni in Kankaanpää” “WHAT??”. 6) “But I graduated 2 years ago! How is this–” “Not my problem”. 7) “But if you get to Finland in 2 hours you can fix it! Ciao!” 8) “…why didn’t he give me a lift with Tardis..” 9)”Oh, I have a penis.”

Ne, jotka eivät Dr. Whota tiedä, ensinnäkin HYI, toisekseen ANTEEKSI. Lisää Tohtorifanityttöilyä alla päin.

(mun piti ottaa screencapit FB-sivuilta kun en jaksanu skannata näitä uusiks)
SIIS MARIAN KISSA!! Sen nimi on oikeasti Miro, mutta sillä on JUST sellanen Dr. Phil-
syyllistyskatse etten voi katsoa sitä ajattelematta kyseistä viiksiheppua. Hrrrrrrrr.

JOO ei tästä nyt tän enempää.

Paitsi vielä extrana “Jammu oli pienesä kolarissa joten piirrän sille lohtu-Tohtorin”-kuva

Kertokaa mulle vielä miten saisin motivoitua itteni bloggaamaan :DD
Suurin kynnys on skannerin kanssa kun vihaan tota kapistustani niin palavasti


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* Sekalaista moskaa, osa 2

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This angst is not worth translating

Why does it seem like every time I go to Turku to see my parents I get sick?

1) Even though I was feeling terrible I had to come out to enjoy the sunny spring day 2)”It’s a sin to disrespect a beautiful spring day by dressing badly” 3) “On the other hand it’s also a sin to dress against your own mood. If you’re sick you should dress accordingly” 4) “I can’t run away from my sickday self but feel guilty for not praising the sunny day. I need a compromise.” 5) So I made it an ode to spring. With summershoes <3

1) My friend Sofia lent me something to read for the traintrip home “Not before sundown is amazing! A book you can’t let go before you’re finished!” “I wonder..” 2) I’m pretty bad at picking up novels to read but once I open a good book.. “..Wow.” 3) But only rarely does a book affect me this strongly “No… I have to switch trains…. I CAN be apart from this book for 10 imnutes. Yes I can!” 4) A hint. If you ever happen to get Not before sundown (or Troll- a love story) by Johanna Sinisano to your hands, read it. SERIOUSLY.

Sellanen oli pääsiäinen.
Vielä vähän fiilistelyä ja sit loppu.

1) I was talking with Jammu over the phone “Curse us for not having teleport” “Tell me about it. I’d be there right away” 2) Suddenly I got this familiar feeling  of PLING. And the rest you can guess . 3) “I can hitchhike there!” “What? It’s 10pm!” “Doesn’t matter. I’ll get going right away!” 4) I got going before the ink on my board was even dry “Away, away, away!” 5) (my destination) 6) (the city 30km away) 7) (the gasstation 5km away) “Where are all the cars?”

1) “Hi, Joiku…Umm, I was supposed to go to Kainuu but…yeah…” 2) “I only got to Oulu” 3) “Yeah I suppose it wasn’t too good an idea…Yeah. Silly me. Would you like to have this silly me on your couch for the night?” 4) “Isn’t it lovely having friends like me?” “Very.”

Sellainen seikkailu.
Kiitos Joiju ja Mii <3

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* Mattojumppaa

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1) Alone. 2) With friends 3) While dreaming

1) Daytime 2) Evening time 3) Nighttime “One more! One more!” 4) “Look, there are running arrows on this table too!” “I think you’ve had a little bit too much”

Okei liioittelinkohan vähän :B. Ei me nyt koko aikaa pelata.
Mutta on kyllä on koukuttava peli. Ja hauska. Mä pääsin eilen läpi jo yhen kuusjalkasen
punasen ku vedin sitä 10 kertaa peräkkäin haha.


A little bonus:

1) A little Disney moment “LET’S get tooo the business to defeeeeat the Hunns” 2)”Did they send me daughters when I asked for soooons” 3) “You’re the saddestbunch I’ve ever met but you bet before we’re throoough” 4) “Mister I’lll” 5) “Make a maaaan” 6) “Out of yooooou” 7) “…..beep” “A MAN.”

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* Full charge

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1) Sun’s up. Pavement’s drying. Snow’s melting. The odour of spring is in the air. And Salla goes insane. 4) Spring indeed is my favourite season.

1) I lost my dancegame virginity today “Umm..” 2) “Umm” “Umm” I was quite bad 3) Muura danced like an old pro “The last time I played was like 2 years ago” 4) And Anne… Well.. 5) The game is very confusing. 6) “When are we playing again?”

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* Komeitten miesten lista

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Ei mitään tiettyä järjestystä, kunhan numeroin.
Olisin tehnyt enemmänkin jos olisin jaksanut, mutta jo näiden
kanssa onniin paljon hypettämistä että apua <3<3<3

Tarkastakaahan myös Lepan, Muuran ja Tikan listat <3

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* Whose line is it anyway

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