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* JOULUKALENTERI – Tämä on niille, jotka luulevat etten osaa vittuilla takaisin

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1. “A.W. Yrjänä is so wonderful I want his brain in a jar on my bookshelf when he’s dead”
2. “A.W. Yrjänä is so wonderful I want his penis in a jar on my bookshelf when he’s dead”
3. “A.W. Yrjänä is so wonderful that when he’s dead I’ll take his penis to a texidermist,
dip it in ink and write poems with it”

feat. Musse, Janmu ja Maria, joka halusi sarjakuvaan mukaan.

Extra: ulkomuisti-Yrjänä sommittelukurssin monisteen taakse.

// A.W. Yrjänä is a Finnish musician/poet best known from the band CMX. Just so you know :D

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* Telepatiaa (MATURE CONTENT #2)

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1) Ice cream-moment 2) “Yep” “The ass will sing soon” “Ha ha”

1) “Wait a second Was I just speaking out loud or did you read my thoughts?” “N-no..” “What were you talking about?” “My lactose-intolerance. 2) “I thought you were having the same conversation as I was having inside my head” “….What were you thinking about?” “Priests and pedophilia”

Melkein sama asia.

Kunhan homoiltaa, paria blogikirjoitusta
ja kirkosta eroamisia pohdiskelin.

1) Epilogue. “You should’ve drawn those inner thoughts of yours” “You should’ve drawn the ass-will-sing-picture!” 2) “Haha..The yoiking ass of a chorus boy..” “I wonder what the ass would be singing..” 3) *snigger*

(A Finnish classic song) 1) “Life gave me everything”. 2) “At dawn to church I’ll take you”

“Together we stand and the bells will chime and the telepathy between us can be a bit scary sometimes..” “Yeah.” “I think it’d be best if we took a small break from eachother” “Agreed.”

Kiitos avusta, Jammu

Anteeksi, kaikki muut :D
Muistetaan, että nauru on defenssi.

//To defend myself from possibly-offenced crowds, LAUGHTER IS A DEFENCE <3

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1) Superdumpsterdivingday “A million yogurts! Juice! Raspberry pie! Bread! Cream!” “Oh my!”. 2) “Watcha got?” “Shitloads of records!”. 3) “Some teen has emptied their shelf” “What have we got here!” 4) “I can’t believe it! Tits Ahoy 3!” “A what-what?”

1) “LOOK LOOK!” 2) “You’ve got to be kidding me. Dumpsterdived porn!” “Do you want to take it?” “No.” 3) “I bet another dumpsterdiver will find this way more satisfying than we ever would” “True.” 4) “Thanks for the food, dumpsters!”

Uuteen seikkailuun!

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