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* JOULUKALENTERI – Kultanaamio

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1) I have major traumas from CMX because of Jammu, Musse, +Christmas +Alcohol, 2) It was December 25th 2009.Earlier that day Musse had heard someone say “Oh my fucking god, I’m in Onnela on God’s birthday!!” ..so Musse thought it’d be more likely to avoid brain damage if she came to drink with us. 3) “I thought it’d be more likely to avoid brain damage if I came to drink with you” “WELL THOUGHT!”
//CMX= a finnish band //Onnela= a horrible nightclub

1) It was pleasant at first, 2) Until the bastards figured “CMX!” “I have never liked that band” 4) “Did I say something wrong…”

1) …Yes I did. “HEELP!” “There you will stay until you agree”, 2) “This is CMX’s song Kultanaamio” (lyrics on the background) 3) “You will not be free until you can sing along!” (more lyrics on the background)

1) Over time I had to give in “(singing along)”, 2) “(still singing along) IS THIS ENOUGH ALREADY?” 3) “It is! It wasn’t that bad, was it?” “No. I don’t even feel at all homicidal” …And CMX was never the same. Unfortunately there will be no murders in the epilogue, even though they would’ve been well deserved. HEART.

…mutta se epilogihan on sitten ihan toinen juttu (joka saa luvan toimittaa luukun 12 virkaa)

P.S. Kaikki, mitä Jammu sanoo tilanteen ylidramatisoinnista on sitten täyttä potaskaa! SYDÄN.

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LINE 1) This happens to me a bit too often “Salla is a five-legged queer who eats arteries for dinner LOVE, Jammu” “Hey!” “Your fault for not logging out <3”. LINE 2) “Salla is a pea-brained protozoan who never learns LOVE, Sohvi” “Hey!!” “Your fault for not logging out <3”. LINE 3) “Salla forgot to log out again” “Hey!!” “I suppose I’ll never learn” “Nope”. LINe 4) “This would make a good fb-page: “Sdalla fordot to log out again loll”” “we could make a game out of this – whoever does the most ninja-strikes on Salla’s fb-status gets most points” “I already have high schore hihihi”

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