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1) Superdumpsterdivingday “A million yogurts! Juice! Raspberry pie! Bread! Cream!” “Oh my!”. 2) “Watcha got?” “Shitloads of records!”. 3) “Some teen has emptied their shelf” “What have we got here!” 4) “I can’t believe it! Tits Ahoy 3!” “A what-what?”

1) “LOOK LOOK!” 2) “You’ve got to be kidding me. Dumpsterdived porn!” “Do you want to take it?” “No.” 3) “I bet another dumpsterdiver will find this way more satisfying than we ever would” “True.” 4) “Thanks for the food, dumpsters!”

Uuteen seikkailuun!

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* Kankaanpää

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1) “My trip is over!” 2) “Finland is cold and boring and rainy! People are unfriendly and gloomy!” 3) “I need to start school” 4)”I will never enjoy life again.” 5) “Hi!” 6) “Oh yeah, you guys live here!” “Sherlock”
I’m going to Kankaanpää artschool (Satakunta University of applied sciences)

Kankaanpään taidekoulu siis, Satakunnan AMK, on kouluni mun.

So many people from my former school are going here now

1) I should’ve known that the studies start like this “I am a great artist” 2)”I’m so fed up with charcoals!” “DEEEEEEATHH” 3) “Don’t die just yet. This is what you’ll do for the next 2 weeks!” “Can I please make myself a coffin” “From paper and charcoal you can”

On täällä koulussa oikeesti ihan ukavaa :DD

Ja vapaa-ajallekin löytyy tekemistä.

1) Dupsterdiver’s delights “A mirror! I needed a mirror!” 2) “Should we take some bread to Jammu?” “Yep” 3) “Do you want me to call her first?” “No…” 4) “She loves surprises”

1) Jammu is drawing by her laptop *KNOCK KNOCK* 2) “What the hell. It must be Salla, can’t be anyone else.” 3) “Okay, Maria.” 4) “Okay, someone” 5) “Anyone else?” 6) “…wait a sec..”

4) “Goddammit, I almost shit myself when I realized it was me I was staring at!” 5) “Would you like to come over for tea? For revenge.” “Vengeance-tea sounds good. I was expecting murders”

Tällasta tällä kertaa.

Laitan ekat reissujutut ens viikolla, mulla meni hermot niiden skannaamisen kanssa kun
koko kirja on oikeesti hajoamispisteessä :DD. Liimat petti ja oon teippaillut sivuja epätoivoisesti
yhteen kunnes tajusin että irtosivujen skannaus ois miljoona kertaa helpompaa haha

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