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* Sekalaista moskaa, osa 2

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This angst is not worth translating

Why does it seem like every time I go to Turku to see my parents I get sick?

1) Even though I was feeling terrible I had to come out to enjoy the sunny spring day 2)”It’s a sin to disrespect a beautiful spring day by dressing badly” 3) “On the other hand it’s also a sin to dress against your own mood. If you’re sick you should dress accordingly” 4) “I can’t run away from my sickday self but feel guilty for not praising the sunny day. I need a compromise.” 5) So I made it an ode to spring. With summershoes <3

1) My friend Sofia lent me something to read for the traintrip home “Not before sundown is amazing! A book you can’t let go before you’re finished!” “I wonder..” 2) I’m pretty bad at picking up novels to read but once I open a good book.. “..Wow.” 3) But only rarely does a book affect me this strongly “No… I have to switch trains…. I CAN be apart from this book for 10 imnutes. Yes I can!” 4) A hint. If you ever happen to get Not before sundown (or Troll- a love story) by Johanna Sinisano to your hands, read it. SERIOUSLY.

Sellanen oli pääsiäinen.
Vielä vähän fiilistelyä ja sit loppu.

1) I was talking with Jammu over the phone “Curse us for not having teleport” “Tell me about it. I’d be there right away” 2) Suddenly I got this familiar feeling  of PLING. And the rest you can guess . 3) “I can hitchhike there!” “What? It’s 10pm!” “Doesn’t matter. I’ll get going right away!” 4) I got going before the ink on my board was even dry “Away, away, away!” 5) (my destination) 6) (the city 30km away) 7) (the gasstation 5km away) “Where are all the cars?”

1) “Hi, Joiku…Umm, I was supposed to go to Kainuu but…yeah…” 2) “I only got to Oulu” 3) “Yeah I suppose it wasn’t too good an idea…Yeah. Silly me. Would you like to have this silly me on your couch for the night?” 4) “Isn’t it lovely having friends like me?” “Very.”

Sellainen seikkailu.
Kiitos Joiju ja Mii <3

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* Onnenpäivät

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Salla köllii ja unelmoi.

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* Tykkäisin olla vierivä kivi mutku..

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* Juujaa pois paikkakunnalta

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Mä en nyt loikeen tiedä mistä noi rannut tohon tuli mut olkoot ny

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