5.12.2010 - 16:35 / sdall.

Kaunis matkapäiväkirjani.
Musta puoliksi irti revennyt kansi.
Iso kasa välistä pursuilevia irtolehtiä.

Pari ekaa sivua mun pienoisseikkailusta.

1) Mom gave me a lift to the hitchhiking stop “You will write every two days!” “Y-yes” 2) “Is this the spot? Some other people are going the same way”. 3) “Is is OK to stop here? I hope they won’t get too enthusias–” 4) “I’ll write.”

1) It’s part of good hitchhiking etiquette – whoever was there first goes first. “I’ll never get a lift forward if those two won’t concentrate on the road” “…or be on a visible spot, for that matter” 2) “Maybe I should say something…

1) I suppose I could take a train to Helsinki, I don’t think I’ll get out of here otherwise”. 2)”I’ll try here for 30 minutes since the next train is going in an hour.” “I doubt no-one’s gonna stop in this stop, but what the heck..” 3) …I couldn’t have been more wrong “There are two Polish hitchhikers up ahead, I hope they got a ride..” 5)”Would you like to wave?”

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  1. keijjo Kirjoittaa:

    Kyydillä liftaamaan :D

  2. anniinapanniina Kirjoittaa:

    no, vilkutitko? :DD

  3. sdall Kirjoittaa:

    En tohtinut :DD

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